Refugees welcome


Male Refugees invited to sing with us!

Sing along in the male choir "Singgemeinschaft Grenzach-Wyhlen"

Singing together connects people.

The male choir "Singgemeinschaft Grenzach-Wyhlen" wants to set up this connection with male refugees as well as bridging between nations.

Refugees are most welcome to sing in our choir.

To sing with us will fasten and improve your integration process.

·      It will help to learn the German language.

·      You will get to know much more about German culture.

·      You can build friendship and connections to local peoples.

Please meet us without obligations and free at our rehearsals every Thursdays at 19:00 h.

Jacob-Burckhardt-Str. 4

The Location you can find here: "Probenlokale"

For more Information or help you can contact:
Eberhard Oberfell


Roland Denzer

About us

We are a association of male singers foundet from the former two choirs "Männerchor Grenzach 1840 e.V." and "Gesangverein Frohsinn Wyhlen 1844 e.V." Since 2014 we joined together. Most of our 35 singers are not so Young but we would be very happy to get younger peoples also. We are open for male singers above 18 years.

Please join us and lets have fun together for singing.

Our repertoire

At our side "Liedgut"/Repertoire you will find our Songs. There is a broad spectrum of traditionell Folksongs, Musical to hit-Songs; mostly in German language.